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Welcome to DriversGarage
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We’re so glad you’re here! We hope you will help create great conversations in our community.
Don’t be a jerk, call people jerks, or react to jerks. We’ll remove bad stuff when we see it.
Respect and help the moderators. It’s a small team of dedicated, caring humans working hard to make things better.
Below are some guidelines that should help everyone stay on track within out community. Follow them and we should be able to all get along.

One person, One Account.
You are permitted one Community account for posting on the Community. Members who are found posting from more than one account will be asked to choose an account for use while posting, and posting privileges will be removed from all other accounts. Additional or secondary accounts created or used for the purpose of trolling, circumventing a ban, or otherwise violating these Community Guidelines may result in the permanent ban from the Community at the Team's discretion.

Harassing, Insulting and Abusive posts.
We do not tolerate any comments that are abusive or insulting, involve name calling, or attempt to disparage, harass, defraud, threaten or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players, Kinships, Fansites, groups, the developers, community team, or other companies. Doing so is considered a serious offense and will not be tolerated.

Grammar Police.
Any post or comment made with the intention of embarrassing another member based on spelling, typos, or grammatical errors is not permitted. Not everyone speaks the same language. Keep in mind that the person you are addressing may not be a native speaker.

The use of profanity is usually permitted on our forums but we are light on this. We believe we are all adults here and as long as its not used to offend other members we are ok with it. Just try to keep as clean as possible. We will bring it to your attention If we feel you have gone too far with post profanity. Several warnings on this matter could get you ban. Choose your profanity wisely.

Derailing/disruption of official discussion threads.
Official threads are created by the Community team to gather feedback and create a focused discussion around a given topic. Attempting to derail these threads by posting unrelated comments or bringing other issues into the discussion is not permitted.

Fabricated and misleading information.
Deliberately posting fabricated or misleading information about another member of the community, other companies, or the team will not be tolerated. We consider this a very serious offense.

Provoking, Trolling, and “baiting.”
Threads or posts that are intended to create a strong negative or emotional reaction, provoke conflict, or are made simply for ‘shock value’ are considered trolling. Debating a topic on the merits or holding a strong opinion are acceptable, however making posts to provoke conflict or incite, bait, or mock others who disagree with you are not.

“Self Defense” posts.
Please do not respond to attempts to provoke, troll or bait you. Posts you feel violate the community guidelines should be reported using the ‘Report this post’ button. Responding in kind usually results in both parties having actions taken against their accounts.

Advertisements for any good, service, or site that is not directly related to DG is not permitted and will be removed. Posts promoting sites, goods, and services deemed inappropriate will also be removed as spam. In addition, “Cross posting” without permission , and “Bumping are considered forms of spamming and the team might give out warnings for this.

Discussion of Disciplinary or Moderations Actions.
We do not publicly discuss moderation decisions, or disciplinary actions taken against members, on the Community Sites and we ask that you do not either. Any threads or posts that mention infractions, bans, or thread/post deletions or modifications, etc. are subject to removal and may result in further disciplinary action. If you have a question about an infraction or warning, you should contact a member of the community team through private message (PM). Ban appeals should be addressed as described below.

Impersonating another community member, famous person, or any team member is forbidden. This is considered a very serious offense and “it was a joke” is not a valid defense. Impersonation includes, but is not limited to, using images or signatures to suggest you are a team member or any person other than yourself. Making statements claiming you are someone other than yourself, forging, editing, or otherwise modifying posts of a moderator, DG team member, or forum member (i.e., “fixed that for you” style edits in quoted texts that change the wording or meaning of a post in an attempt to embarrass or misrepresent the original posters comments) is not permitted.

Illegal activity.
You may not violate any local, state, national, or international laws, or regulations.

Personal information and Private conversations.
You may not post the personally identifiable information of another user, including but not limited to their real name, address, phone number, email address, or links to personal websites without the express consent of that user. You may not re-post Private Messages, emails, or other private or personal communications of others on the Community Sites without the express consent of the sender.

Hate Speech & Groups
You may not form or participate in groups whose ideology promotes intolerance directed at others based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle, ethnicity, etc. The posting of any comment or material that promote or exhibit intolerance are also prohibited. This is considered a very serious offence and may result in the immediate and permanent loss of your forum account.

Inappropriate content.
You may not use, distribute, or spotlight, or post links to sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, nationally, ethnically offensive content or language, or other content deemed inappropriate at the discretion of the DG Team.

Religion and Politics.
While we respect the right of all members to hold their own beliefs and political affiliations and opinions, we ask you not post comments or start threads of a political or religious nature. These types of discussions rarely end well and are well and truly beyond the scope of discussions of our site. Any threads or posts of this type will be removed.

Goodbye and farewell.
We appreciate that members have made meaningful personal connections while using our site and we also appreciate that sometimes it’s time to say goodbye and move along. We feel that heartfelt goodbyes are best done in private with personal messages to those who you will miss and who will miss you, not as missives to everyone who happens to read your post. Posts of that nature typically do not end well and as a result we might close or remove goodbye/farewell threads.

The DG forums are aimed at providing a valuable service to car fans online, and as such are meant to be used by active members. Moderators may remove forum access to inactive users at their discretion, if it is deemed necessary to promote the overall goals of the web site.

The Community Team reserves the right to assign temporary and permanent bans at will based upon the severity of an infraction.

All visitors to the Community Sites are logged by IP address. We may occasionally ban a user by their IP address. Further abuse by users who have been IP banned may result in an abuse report to the user's internet service provider.

Appealing a Ban
If your Community account has been banned and you feel this ban is in error or unjustified, ban appeals may be sent through our Contact Us Page. Please include your Community account name in all correspondence.