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courtesy doors lights are here



Richard can u send me the link of the eBay vendor on chat. I think I'm going to get one to put it somewhere on my car


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I got mine on amazon.. $15 and snap right in place of factory light. Took 2 minutes to install.. It's color too. I'll try to get pics at night

Yeah the mini is also sold to fit right in place of the original light btw i notice the ones i got off eBay from honkong they over heat after a minute of light and turn off then i have to close the door so it kills the power to it and open it for another minute then again lights up for another minute is not like im going to keep the door open for any longer that that but just curious is urs do that or they stay on as long as u want? Already contacted seller they sending replacemets i paid 12$ for the set

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