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Mid muffler delete

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I just did a mid muffler delete on my car along with having shortys and a resonator delete. Tell me what you think.

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God damn it. Sounds way better with the muffler delete. Ok...question..is a video of you driving around with the muffler delete available? I want to hear how this sounds in normal and wot driving.

Sounds legit dude.

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Sounds good man! There are a lot of cars that don't sound good with muffler deletes but that's not one of them obviously. I have a rear muffler delete on my G37. I love the sound. How does the challenger community generally feel about a muffler delete?

The G community It's amazing how a lot of people will jump on you for doing it saying your a redneck, or get a real exhaust etc..some of us don't want to waste $800-1500 as the systems are crazy expensive for this car..  Hell even the one group I'm a member of if you mention you have a muffler delete or ask about it they ban you.. I think a lot of these people are just jealous that my delete that's reversible in 15 minutes if I want to sell my car,  as they simply bolt right back on,  sounds the same,  or even better than there $1500 system!  

Damian has heard mine in  person he can attest to it. IMO there are so many better things to spend that money on.. 

Good choice of mod for your car for sure. 

I'm with damian tho  we need more videos.

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