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  1. Need New Tires

    How's about a close up?
  2. Need New Tires

  3. My Upgrades (Damian S60 R-Design Rebel Blue)

    What's the color called? Or are there options for colors? Amazing how rims can be made these days, so little that connects from the spokes to the rim itself.
  4. New Mcgard Lug Nuts For Rallye

    Thanks everyone
  5. New Mcgard Lug Nuts For Rallye

    The shade of the black chrome on the center caps and lugs match, with both being a bit darker than the rim. I only did 2 coats. I don't think you could get an exact match and have it come out evenly sprayed. I really like it compared to the chrome.
  6. New Mcgard Lug Nuts For Rallye

    Thanks. Yesterday after I was done with the chrome effect, they just looked like they needed something else. Gonna black chrome the exhaust tips, gas door and the shifter surround trim. Shifter trim has a way of catching the sun just right and blinding you.
  7. New Mcgard Lug Nuts For Rallye

    And the final touch, painted the letters red.
  8. Need New Tires

    How wide are your rims?
  9. Need New Tires

    Go with the Continental DW's that or if you want the best traction for the rears get Mickey Thompson's.
  10. New Mcgard Lug Nuts For Rallye

    Painted and ready for clear coat. Gotta wait for them to dry.
  11. Before. After. I am painting the center caps with a black chrome finish. We'll see how that turns out. Got 2 coats on and it's drying. The spray didn't seem to want to get into the Dodge letters very good. It is what it is. They won't be chrome anymore though.
  12. Richard/damian Gtg

    That's totalled. Sucks. Time for him to buy a Challenger.