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  1. Looks like it's sooner than later

    May have someone from North Georgia flying down.. Fingers crossed
  2. Wow... That sucks ass... Such a nice car
  3. Looks like it's sooner than later

    Ya in the car world and unmolested car means untouched... Not modified... Not beat to shit etc..
  4. Looks like it's sooner than later

    What about it? It's a clean truck... Unmolested meaning not modded to hell and back
  5. Looks like it's sooner than later

    CLEAN 2006 Trailblazer SS AWD - Fully loaded, Navigation, Sunroof, Heated Leather. ~15k miles on brand new GM LS2 that has a 3 year 100k mile GM warranty. RELOCATED PCMOFNC OIL PICKUP TUBE was installed after new engine went in! Motor is all stock. Brand new GM transmission and Torque converter with ~8k miles. Also has 3 year 100k mile warranty. Rebuilt front differential with ~8k miles as well. I have almost $15k in receipts from the dealer for just those three things. Interior is in great shape, as is the exterior. Tires look like new still with no abnormal wear or vibration and drives straight down the road. The truck is lowered all around on Tony's Belltech kit. It has brand new black/clear lens headlights with LED low beams and LED switchbacks. Battery is only around a year old. Has 1 year old water pump, pulleys, belt tensioner and belts as well. Black SS badge overlays and bowties and 6.0L badges. Only other modification is Borla XR1 muffler and resonator delete. This is my daily driver, but still my baby. It is ready to drive anywhere and runs and drives great. Truck itself has 111k miles on it. It is AWD and fantastic in the rain. I'm the 2nd owner and it's been a Florida truck it's whole life. For anyone looking to get a clean, unmolested, SS with the oil starvation issue already fixed, with a new engine and Trans with warranty this is your truck! I absolutely don't want to sell this but I'm now needing something more fuel efficient due to all the driving I'm doing for work. It deserves another good home. Located in Naples, Florida... And don't worry, it was safe in my garage during the hurricane! Asking $13,900
  6. Hurrican Irma

    We are doing OK.. Been working 12 hour days in this heat and humidity and being without electricity. Our home faired well.. Lost a screen and some water damage in the living room. Hoping electricity returns to our home soon. Grazi is out of work for almost 2 weeks which is really bad for us but we've applied for help thru FEMA so will see if we get assistance. So also For donations to those suffering from the wrath of Irma go to PayPal Nfangmeier@outlook.com Lol Couldn't resist Hope you are all fairing well.
  7. Hurrican Irma

    Mine will be in garage but if we get a 10ft storm surge.. We are only 7ft above sea level at my house (download app My Elevation to see what it is where you live).. That's 3 ft of water potentially in my garage.. Anything high enough to get Into the interior of a car will total a car.. It is what it is tho. Also download the app zello guys.. It's like a walkie talkie.. Need cell or internet service.. But helpful to check in on others if need be. My username is nfangmeier on it if you download it and add me.
  8. Hurrican Irma

    Lol.. They that worried about there regular car? That's what insurance is for. Mine will be in garage.. But if it floods it floods. Cars are replaceable.. Now if it was a collectors car or a highly modified unreplaceable vehicle I can see doing that. But yes everyone stay safe. Hopefully the forecast keeps pushing it east like it has been over the last 24 hours.. Will save us from some serious storm surge that would flood everyone.
  9. Looks like it's sooner than later

    I know.. But life goes on. Sometimes you gotta make changes you don't like but there's always another day to get another should I decide to (built one next time tho so no issues to worry about like this one lol)
  10. Looks like it's sooner than later

    Can't believe this is my first time really taking photos of the truck since owning it. Got the exterior shots done, was going to get interior shots as I planned to get it cleaned up this week but with the hurricane on the way we are scrambling prepping homes for it. catching my breath here for a little bit to get some lunch so figured I'd post up a few of the pictures. IMO You can't sell a vehicle with a picture of your car sitting in your driveway with other cars in the photo...a good picture makes a good impression which is why I decided to go out and take some for the listing that will go up probably next week now since I won't have time to get it cleaned inside and pics taken this week. If I saw these pics I'd buy it...lol 20170904_120603 20170904_120934 20170904_120333 20170904_120052 20170904_120037 20170904_120027
  11. Looks like it's sooner than later

    it's not just about the gas.. It's about dropping my car payment over $100 a month as well. When I bought my SS I had to roll over a few thousand to pay off my Cadillac.. Stupid move, plus got the extended warranty (thank God) Plus they fucked my on my interest rate in the end. Already getting set for a new loan from my personal bank back in MN.. With what I'm planning to spend I'll be saving over $100 a month on car payment alone. To you guys that might be pocket change but for me an extra $100 a month plus savings in gas helps a lot when I'm continuing to grow my business. Just the logical thing to do right now
  12. Well as much as I hate to do it... Really hate actually.. It looks like I'll be putting my truck up for sale in the next week. I love this truck.. So much room.. Can haul /tow.. And get looks everywhere because it's so rare. Unfortunately work has started to demand A LOT of driving.. To the point I'm spending around $350+ a month on gas..and I'm expecting that to be at least another $100 by next summer as we take on more clients and I'm driving even more. 12mpg just isn't cutting it and isn't practical. Money is really really tight right now so if I can sell it for what I owe on it or a bit more I plan to buy something less expensive (9-11k) range with much lower interest. Between gas and car payment I'll be saving between $250-300 per month..which for me right now is much needed. Not sure if I'll end up in a G37 or not like I want to, but Im gonna try.. Tough on that budget but they are out there. May end up in another G35 again. Sometimes you gotta make hard decisions.. Ones you don't want to do.. But I'm finding that this is a decision that has to be made for now. I'll post more details next week when I get some more things sorted out etc.. Gonna ask around $14,250 I think based off what is listed on auto trader in comparison to mine and Considering it has a brand new engine and transmission with warranty for 2 more years and 100k miles.
  13. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

    This is why I buy used.. My 2014 Cadillac that stickered for 50k I bought it certified used in 2015 for 28k...with a full warranty that was actually longer than the factory warranty. To me it just isn't worth buying new.. But I also can't afford to buy new either.. One day when I can afford it I'll buy a new car just to say I did it but for now.. I stick to used.
  14. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

    First I looked at the 1/4 mile... 12.1 while fast I was like with over 700hp that seems slow actually...considering the hellcats are a full second quicker. Then saw the curb weight of this thing lol. 5300lbs... My God that's heavy! Mine weighs 4700 lbs. So that time makes sense being the curb weight of a hellcat is about 900 lbs less. (4450 for hellcat is what I found by Google it) Then I looked at price tag.. Lol $87,000.. For a JEEP.. I know it's most powerful SUV out there but cmon.. Prices are just getting ridiculous these days. Bad ass SUV for sure still tho
  15. 2015 snist3r build

    Looks good. Concave on rear is definitely noticeable. More than I thought from the uninstalled pics you posted first.