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  1. Ya it's the regular 3.5 V6 that was in the G35 with an added electric motor.. Mine has the 3.7 but they sound identical. I'm honestly beyond modding stuff other than exhaust and appearance...it gets too unreliable. Other than wheels, some more appearance things, and suspension with my current car, there isn't anything else I want to do nor want to spend money on.. My car will never be faster than it is now.. Simply because there really aren't performance mods for this car that I'm interested in.. Really for these you only can turbo or supercharge them and it costs like 10k+ to even touch doing those things.. Way too expensive. For me when you daily drive a car and need good gas mileage, a car that looks sweet, sounds sweet and will get 30+mpg all while doing 0-60 in less than 5 seconds is plenty fast lol.. It's faster than what I got now.
  2. https://www.floridafinecars.com/carsforsale/2014-INFINITI-Q50S-WEST-PALM-FL-Stock=89676 THAT is a hybrid, didn't even know they existed. Can't believe I'd ever own a hybrid, but I gotta say, I may consider one for my next vehicle one day. 360+hp with the added electric motor assisting it.. and 29mpg city 35 hwy... Oh did I mention it's faster than the standard sport version.. 0-60 in 4.9 seconds according to magazines... Oh and that fantastic infiniti sound still.. Hell ya
  3. A 2011 Mitsubishi outlander sport... Not sure why it has sport in the name lol.. Nothing sporty about it.. It has a CVT.. constant variable Transmission... I HATE it.. I like to feel my car shift.. Not listen to it beg for mercy stuck at the same rpm entire time its accelerating! That's the other thing.. It's so loud in the car and shit vibrates from the drone of that tiny engine when you accelerate moderately to hard.. Can't wait for something different. She's looking at hybrids now tho cuz she drives 80 miles a day for work with her new job... SMH. Im thinking a sonata hybrid if she goes that route. I'd like her to get another SUV like an escape or tucson (both come with turbos haha) for practicality for us, but we'll see.
  4. Mine drives my car. Mostly when we go out and have had some drinks then I have her drive. We take my car everywhere together cuz I hate driving hers. She has taken my car to the gym and out and about on her own before tho cuz it was parked in front of the garage so she couldn't get her car out. She likes driving something with power, says it makes her hate her little 147hp SUV lol.
  5. Cars and Coffee Feb 2018

    Lotta money there.. My car will never be worthy of making an appearance lol
  6. This is NOT a good look

    It's terrible. Whoever started this stupid trend should be shot. Get a damn wheel with the proper offset and put some wide tires on it instead of stretching a tire 5 sizes too small that's going to wear out the 50% that's touching the road in 5k miles. Not safe, handles like shit, and looks retarded.. Sad really.. So many people do this to there G's too.. I just don't understand.
  7. Mid muffler delete

    Sounds good man! There are a lot of cars that don't sound good with muffler deletes but that's not one of them obviously. I have a rear muffler delete on my G37. I love the sound. How does the challenger community generally feel about a muffler delete? The G community It's amazing how a lot of people will jump on you for doing it saying your a redneck, or get a real exhaust etc..some of us don't want to waste $800-1500 as the systems are crazy expensive for this car.. Hell even the one group I'm a member of if you mention you have a muffler delete or ask about it they ban you.. I think a lot of these people are just jealous that my delete that's reversible in 15 minutes if I want to sell my car, as they simply bolt right back on, sounds the same, or even better than there $1500 system! Damian has heard mine in person he can attest to it. IMO there are so many better things to spend that money on.. Good choice of mod for your car for sure. I'm with damian tho we need more videos.
  8. Camaro Vs Camaro

    5th Gen 2010-2015 is the bigger and heavier camaro. SS had LS3 with 425hp and ZL1 had 580hp LSA 6th gen is 2016+ SS has 455hp LT1 engine and the ZL1 has the 650hp LT4 engine.
  9. Camaro Vs Camaro

    So what's do e to the SS? Obviously far from stock if it's pulling a ZL1.. Especially a 6th gen. Is it a new 6th gen ZL1 or the old 5th Gen?
  10. FGCU Car Show

    Sweet HSV! Wish they made those in the US
  11. Damn that's a pretty good deal.. Just the tire foam and spray wax would be almost 8 bucks normally.
  12. Ok it's official. It's up for sale..

    Ebay is what sold my GTO.. And where I found my GTO actually. I just did an ebay classifieds listing.. Not sure what that costs anymore. But definitely a niche car ebay is the way to go to find the right buyer.
  13. 2018 Ford Edge ST

    I still liked the previous generation edge sport better in the looks department then any of the current generation edges. That thing just stood out and looked so clean. When they switched to the new generation edge I was a bit let down. Wish the old version was made with the F150s ecoboost TT V6... That would be one bad ass looking and well performing SUV then. Nice to see they are making an attempt tho.
  14. Hey mom ... no hands!!

    This part I'm not believing... ".. Volvo will go all electric by next year.." Just don't see a car manufacturer going from gas cars to all electric in a single year.. Or ever for that matter. Not everyone wants electric. Volvo would go out if business if they did that. I can see having a couple models but not all of them.