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  1. Do you still hate on the new Mustang?

    Just saw pictures of the 2018... It definitely looks much better than the current look. I didn't know they were doing a refresh for 2018..i do like how it looks, interior is great as well. I wouldn't mind having one. Crazy they got rid of the v6.. But the turbo 4 makes more power than the v6 did now.. Sells way more.. And gets better gas mileage so it's totally a smart move. Wonder if the same will happen with the camaro? Although the camaro v6 makes like 330 hp I think vs the mustangs that made around 300..so might be less likely.
  2. West Palm cars and coffee

  3. Do you still hate on the new Mustang?

    No camaro. That's what she wanted.. I need a 4 door vehicle.. She would need to get an SUV next vehicle again to keep one in the garage tho....
  4. West Palm cars and coffee

    Should be going to this still... Client comes in Saturday afternoon so the plan is to drive over that afternoon /evening and stay with some friends in ft Lauderdale then head up to the meet on sunday
  5. Do you still hate on the new Mustang?

    Stock for stock New camaro is just better looking IMO.. and I don't wanna hear but the SS badge is on the bumper... That comes right off. Lol Plus the performance of the LT1 in the camaro is phenomenal on the SS.. Then you have the ZL1.. That car is just sick. Grazi wants a 2016 camaro (newest body style) V6 with the RS package in about a year, It would outrun my LS2 powered pig and get double the gas mileage lol. We've been talking about her getting another SUV tho cuz we will need at least 1 SUV in our garage.......
  6. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    Ya it really cleaned up the front for sure... All the aftermarket lights are crap tho so took me a good amount of time to adjust them and get them aimed properly but I finally got them where I'm happy and the front looks so nice now
  7. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    New Headlights Old vs. New
  8. Officially moved in and grilling

    Get in line.. My parents were here for the past month and we spent almost every day with them even weekends with them... Not like we can invite you over on a weekday cuz it's 2 1/2 hours drive round trip if not more, and we've had people over a few times but that's because we've been planning those people since before we moved. One weekend soon when we are free we'll arrange something
  9. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    Paint color match was 100% perfect.. My dad mixes the paint himself so its usually spot on. We were rushed due to weather but the overall outcome is 100% better than before. I'm very happy with how it's looking now.. I wish I would have taken pictures before, during and after Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
  10. Officially moved in and grilling

    Well kinda both... My dad actually bought the place for a really good price... We were looking to buy in a few years and he was looking to invest in a property that needed some renovations.. So we are renovating the entire place this year and we will be buying from him two years from now is the plan. So it's technically ours, but we pay my dad rent and are considered renters legally by the association here. We've done a lot to it already in the past month while my parents were here.. It's very nice now..it was super dated when we got it and needed a lot done but it's great at this point already, to finish tho this winter we will be redoing the kitchen/bathrooms/new flooring /removing one of the walls, new doors, trim and adding crown molding. After that the place will be complete. So far we've put new carpet in bedrooms (rest of place will be getting the tile that looks like wood) repainted EVERYTHING.. Walls, ceilings, doors, trim, inside closets etc..That took a week alone As it was all painted peach before.. I mean EVERYTHING was painted peach.. Why the fuck anyone would do that is beyond Me. Fixed up the garage, new fixtures around the place, hurricane windows going in next month, etc.. A lot accomplished already but isn't done yet haha.. Gotta have you guys over soon Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
  11. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    Ok updated all the pics in previous posts for the most part...just ordered new headlights this week, will be here tomorrow should add a nice look to the front especially since mine are all cracked and faded from the inside out Compared to what it is now:
  12. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    Ill try to get all the old photos that are blocked by photobucket back up as soon as I can now that I am using Flickr
  13. Silver Trailblazer Ss Upgrades

    Paint process last week.. all finished up. Looks much better now, no more scratches, dents, paint missing or cracks in the bumpers or grille. These pics were after 1 coat, took 4 coats of color before we ran out but turned out pretty damn good for doing it in the driveway trying to finish before the storms started
  14. Officially moved in and grilling

    Got a Weber Grill for my B-Day...much better than getting the piece of crap charcoal grill that was left here going the last few times..that thing went in the dumpster lol
  15. Nice Camaro

    Spotted a new ZL1 at target yesterday. Woman driving it when she left. ended up at a light next to her eventually but didn't even attempt it lol. Also was at a light next to a 2nd Gen CTS-V later in the day too...also didn't attempt lol