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  1. ZL1 Addons wicker bill

    This is zl1 addons version of the wicker bill. Most of the others are a one piece. I liked this version better, because it is unique and you don’t see it too often. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just finished my wicker bill install on the Challenger and added the decals that were sent when I received the door sill decals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Clean Cut Decals Door Sill Decals

    Yes they do. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I ordered these door sill decals a couple of weeks ago from Clean Cut Decals. They were a custom order and the owner was very professional. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I received my side marker tint the other day. The only tool I had to buy for the job was a plastic trim removal tool. I purchased a kit from Harbor Freight for $6.00. The kit from Luxe Auto cost 23.00 and it came with front & rear marker tint, lens cleaner, squeegee and a micro fiber cloth. It was an easy install and a recommended mod. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 2015 snist3r build

    Looks good. A nice splitter and lower the car. It will like nice.
  7. Naples Cars and Coffee

    Looks good.
  8. 2015 snist3r build

    Car is going to look sick with those wheels. The staggered look is nice. What tires are you going to run.
  9. Johan Diablotoona CMR tune

    I agree as you saw earlier I need drag radials and bigger tires. I can't get first gear traction for nothing.
  10. As some of you guys know, lately I have gotten bit by the mod bug. In the last two weeks I have done some decent amount of modding to my Challenger. First was the headers and mids. Now that those mods are done I felt it was time to get the car tuned. So, I decided on Johan aka Diablotoona, because the guy used to work for Diablosport at one point in time and really knows his stuff about modern Mopar tuning. Also, he is very reasonable on his email tuning prices. His response time was extremely quick. So now I just have to do a data logging run and then wait for Johan to send me a revised tune. I just did another youtube informational video on how to load custom tunes into your tuner via the computer. Check the video out at: https://youtu.be/f4BDyFl0SKY
  11. Dodge Challenger

    Dodge Challenger
  12. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    The exhaust is finished. I have the same exhaust as I did before. It is quieter when driving normal but when you hit it, the car sounds nice and throaty. I can feel a difference, it is definitely has more torque which is great for the streets.
  13. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    Here is a link to a YouTube video I made talking about the installation and some of the parts.
  14. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    I haven't had the car out yet. I have to take the exhaust to a exhaust shop on Friday to have the stock catback modified until I can afford to buy a Challenger SRT8 catback. The midpipes on the car now are 2.75" compared to the stock 5.7s which are 2.5".
  15. New Grill And Rear Spoiler Badges

    Where did you get those sill protectors at? I would like to get some 100th anniversary made up for my car.