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  1. Dodge Challenger RT

    Dodge Challenger RT
  2. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    The exhaust is finished. I have the same exhaust as I did before. It is quieter when driving normal but when you hit it, the car sounds nice and throaty. I can feel a difference, it is definitely has more torque which is great for the streets.
  3. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    Here is a link to a YouTube video I made talking about the installation and some of the parts.
  4. Challenger R/T Shorty Header install

    I haven't had the car out yet. I have to take the exhaust to a exhaust shop on Friday to have the stock catback modified until I can afford to buy a Challenger SRT8 catback. The midpipes on the car now are 2.75" compared to the stock 5.7s which are 2.5".
  5. New Grill And Rear Spoiler Badges

    Where did you get those sill protectors at? I would like to get some 100th anniversary made up for my car.
  6. I just did a SRT stock shorty header install on my 5.7 challenger. I can tell you this, it is nice to have stock Mopar parts on my challenger but if you want ease of install by the JBAs or other brands. The clamshell on the SRT shorties makes it really difficult to tighten the upper bolts. I used the 6.1 stock bolts, 6.1 manifold gaskets, a bronze spacer for the oil dipstick, new manifold to midpipe studs and nuts. I rolled the car on 16,000lb Rhino ramps. I will take some pictures and post them later on. I also am using the stock R/T exhaust. I had a local exhaust shop make two reducers for my midpipes. If you want to keep your car looking stock, but add some horsepower and torque use the 6.4 header from an SRT8 and the midpipes from a 6.1 or 6.4. The only reason I say to use the 6.4 shorties is because they come with an o2 bung stock. I did not have to buy o2 extensions like a lot of people. Hopefully this answers some peoples questions, it is a pain in the butt. I did it on my own without any help.