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  1. Aston Martin Lagonda Gets Delivered

    I think it looks hideous... lol
  2. Been Mia For A Bit... My Bad

    Well it would have been done already if it weren't for not having any windows or doors in my garage to put a window a/c unit in. I'm not wanting to put a huge hole in my wall so when I do it it's going to be a nice split system... but the $$ isn't there for the project yet.
  3. Been Mia For A Bit... My Bad

    Yea man... I promised a fenced in back yard this year... and it's not happening until the end of the year, if not beginning of next year. I have GOT to get my garage AC'd, I already finished insulating it which made a BIG difference.
  4. I've been so busy with work, the bike, and kids I haven't finished the car yet. Also it being hot as shit outside and working outside all day doesn't motivate me to work in my hot garage. Here is what I have: MFactory helical LSD Synchrotech carbon synchros Synchrotech master rebuild kit Accord 5th gear (longer so I'm not screaming in RPM's on the hughway) ACT stage 4 6-puck sprung clutch Energy Suspension master bushing set Upgraded jackshaft pulley (should take me from ~8psi to ~11psi) Then I need to get a re-tune done after, trying to see if my tuner wants to come here and do it or If I'll go over to the east coast. If anyone wants to do a tuning dyno day at NUR let me know. I'm hoping to get closer to the 325-350whp mark with the added boost. Should be fun. Also getting back to motorcycles and what not so depending on what happens with that I may be selling the car next spring after I enjoy all this hard work when it's done.
  5. Thoughts on a Bradenton track day/night??

    I wonder if this would work for me, technically I am running an OBD1 ecu... but still have the OBD2 port. Would be easier than carrying around the laptop to display my data-logging setup.
  6. Pulled The Trigger

    Will the turbo 400 swap change anything in the car as far as appearance? The SC definitely wore out the tranny on my car, but I kind of knew it was coming. Who did you send the SC to? I had mine re-done and ported by JonBondPerformance before it went on... he also does centrifugal style SC's not just roots style. I'd like to see that thing running 850whp, that is gonna be SICK!!
  7. Photoshot Anyone?

    Awwwww man... I have been begging my sister (who is photographer) to do one for my car forever... maybe I can limp it down to the place in Ft. Myers just for pics since I haven't taken it apart yet, lol. If not I would love one of my new bike, which should be back together here in the next couple weeks or so.
  8. River District Cruise In

    Lol... well your the "master estimator"... which is right above "masterdebator"... but not as high as "chief screw up my own business".
  9. River District Cruise In

    Lmao... yea except I'm not that muscular and I carry tools.
  10. River District Cruise In

    No... work in fixing people's water... lol
  11. Fast And Furious 7 Set Pictures

    an O'connor look alike!!! Nooooooo!! lol
  12. Memphis Speakers Bought!

    I would totally help, but I'm on call through tonight. If you don't finish it today let me know.
  13. River District Cruise In

    I was going to say I'd bring the bike since the car is down... not like the car would fit in any more with that kinda crowd anyway, lol. I was on call this week, but am down to go next time for sure.
  14. Farewell

    Have fun in the snow man... we'll make sure to keep the palm tree pictures coming
  15. The Pagani Huayra

    I have one on the background for my laptop... one of my favorite cars, and def art