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  2. The new range rover

    Fj was a great looking truck. I think it will hold the look for years to come.
  3. The new range rover

    Soccer mom car..but @ 550 hp I'd drive it! Besides fast and loud.. I am an overlander. The toyota FJ is mine.. The other photo is of what. A range rover shoupd look like. Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
  4. The new one looks great in person
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  6. This is from autoguide
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  8. Top 10 Most Unreliable Car Brands: 2017

    Says who? Where's BMW lol... Those things are always in the shop
  9. I must say that the new Camry is kind of a hottie. Not fast but still, pretty good looking sedan
  10. Full article on link below: oil filters are far cooler than I bet you ever thought..... https://thegarage.jalopnik.com/heres-why-engine-oil-filters-are-so-fascinating-1819726269?rev=1508534676042&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_twitter&utm_source=jalopnik_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  11. This car is amazing looking. Great job on this build.
  12. I see ford didn't make it [emoji106] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  13. Top 10 Most Unreliable Car Brands: 2017 10. Chevrolet 9. Acura 8. Jeep 7. Tesla 6. Lincoln 5. Volvo 4. Dodge 3. Ram 2. GMC 1. Cadillac
  14. Ghost car

    Check out the ghost car on this video. pretty crazy http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2017/10/20/ghost-car-appears-out-nowhere-in-crash-footage.html
  15. 2015 snist3r build

    I'm installing them in Miami so I'm waiting for the trip to Miami to get closer before getting them
  16. 2015 snist3r build

    Spintech come yet?
  17. Black Betty Build

    I agree with the black thing. I forgot how dirty a black car can get. Sucks to be honest. But when clean.... The door lights are a really nice mod. There might a version for my car as well...might be copying you on this one
  18. Black Betty Build

    Just Ordered this Roof Spoiler. Little different design then the other ones I had on my G35 and GTO a bit more aggressive overhang, I guess it's called the R type after looking at a bunch of them on ebay.. I like it. Hopefully looks good. Next is black grille, but I just don't want to spend $170 on it til my SS sells.
  19. Black Betty Build

    Guess I'll start a Mod Thread as well. It will grow slowly im sure lol. First mod $12 - lol - Goes good with my INFINITI Door Sills that are lit as well tho. Took 30 seconds to install, took me more time to walk to other side of car and open the door to put passenger side in then it actually did to put each one in. Pop out, plug new one in, pop back in. Was a direct plug and play setup. I was impressed cuz the one on my cadillac took more work, and werent a direct plug and play setup. First polish/wax: I plan to clay bar the whole car, use my cyclo buffer to buff the entire car and get the micro swirls out, then wax it again. I need a full afternoon or morning for that tho (4 or 5 hours id guess) so gonna wait til it cools down more. Stayed clean for about 2 hours before it got rained on and dusty...black is such a pain in the ass but it looks so nice. the SS is sitting in the garage all clean and waiting to be sold so Betty gets dirty for now.
  20. Best Buy.com has Compustar 2-Way Remote Start System w/ Tilt Switch and Geek Squad Installation (CS4202-S-KIT) on sale for $249.99. Shipping is free, otherwise free store pickup is available if stock permits. Note, availability for in-store pickup may vary depending on location. Buy it here
  21. Discount Tire Direct via eBay is offering $100 off $400 or More on Tire or Wheel Purchases (Cooper, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Vogue, Goodyear, Dunlop & More) when you enter promo code PMOTORS17 and checkout via PayPal. Shipping is free. Buy It Here
  22. This is pretty ridiculous Man starts police chase because it was on his 'bucket list' ....
  23. 20” Wheels

    Still available
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  25. Fast CTS-V Girl Driven

    No I don't think so.. I just know who she is cuz not many girls post cool ass rides in the groups im in and work on them too.. She's definitely well known.. She was at the recent SS meet in Orlando back in August, she drove down from south Carolina I believe. Wish I could have made it to the meet.. I think they had close to 20 of them there.
  26. I'm selling my Flowmasters 44. Part 942548. Selling them as a pair. Cannot sell them separately. As you can see from my mod page i paid $92 plus tax for each. Price $65 each
  27. In the Dog house...

    Noice ! Check again (Infiniti section)
  28. Fast CTS-V Girl Driven

    damn, those are some clean SS. Do they have a channel (youtube)?
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